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Agritech startup formerly known as droneSAR rebrands to Sigma0

Expanding possibilities beyond drone applications to Zero in on Crop Detail

West Des Moines, IA: Nearly five years after its original establishment as droneSAR, West Des Moines-based agritech company announces it will change its name to Sigma0 as the company continues to grow and evolve to more than just a drone company.

Effective November 1st, 2019, the company will now operate as Sigma0 and will feature a complete overhaul of all brand assets. It was clear as the company continued to understand the problems they are working to solve, that their technology applications exist beyond just drones, and needed a name to accompany their growth in future years. Sigma Zero (Sigma0) is the technical definition for the energy in a radar pixel. It relates to the unique characteristics of crops that allow their technology to “Zero in on Crop Detail.”

On their new name, CEO and Founder Alan Langman says, “We are a company developing insights about crops using radar technology. Our sensors support aerial and ground based platforms, not just drones, so it was vital to choose a new name that reflects the possibilities of our technology applications to allow us to grow. In addition to our sensor capabilities, our cloud based agriculture analytics platform supports radar data from multiple sources, including satellites and moisture sensors in the ground.”

Still in its startup phase, the new name symbolizes the many possibilities for the application of Sigma0’s crop technology beyond just drone technology for enabling a future of sustainable agriculture. Learn more about Sigma0 at or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn at @Sigma0US.

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