The Problem

More precise and accurate crop models are critical for continued food sustainability and unlocking a potential $800bn in future precision agriculture advances. However, the crop sensors required to improve crop models, are inefficient. They are limited in what they can see. And if seed and digital crop management companies cannot see what they need to manage, they cannot help farmers improve their  yield and profit.


Our Solution

Sigma0 enables seed and crop management companies to access agronomic insights derived from radar technology, enabling them to zero in on crop detail and provide better decisions to farmers. Our solution is more affordable than existing radar technology, simple to use and allows for insights to be derived at any time of day. Sigma0 builds upon years of expertise in radar technology to deliver the first-of-a-kind radar technology data platform for Ag use.


Sigma0 develops high resolution radar imaging technology for sensing crops from aerial and ground based platforms. Our radar sensors provide their own illumination and are independent of sunlight. They can see below the canopy and are sensitive to crop structure and moisture content. Our cloud based analytics platform, processes the raw radar data into calibrated agronomic data products. These are fused with other crop sensor data to provide the insights our customers need to improve their crop models and provide value to their customers.

Radar sensors for drones and other aerial and ground based platforms

Data insights to enhance your understanding of your crops


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